Friday, March 11, 2011

A,b,c or d

“Have you gone for coaching classes ?


Three hours later...
“So how was it?”

“Not bad”


The Kerala Entrance Exam was my first attempt at a competitive exam.Well I wouldn’t call it a bad was the WORST !
I had not studied a word for the exam.But I would not call that a crime.Even if it was a crime,then I gotta say ,I had committed it a long time back...way back to my L.K.G. when I was a regular ‘F’ grade getter.No,I do not have a robot’s memory to remember all this... but I do have a dear mother who treasures priceless childhood stuff ( like all mothers) which includes (unfortunately!) report cards!...And I also have (unfortunately!) a dear brother who makes it a point (like all brothers) to remind me about it.And so, for the exam ..I just darkened some circles.

Yes it was sure tough, but if I told that to the guy next to me ,he'd only think I had made a 'few' mistakes. You see,that's the problem with looking like a nerd - anybody would think I had read the entire volume of Brittanica Encyclopedia. Sigh! It's hereditary and because I want to uphold this nerdy tradition words like 'not bad' really come in handy.

So what else did I do besides swatting flies?? I went into a deep.. looong sleep:

I was on soft cushiony cloud! there goes my brother!

"Hey bro! What are you doing here?"

"Shut up Stupid!"

"umm..ok.""Hey Mummy , too Uncle!" Why does my face feel wet ??

GOODNESS GRACIOUS ! I got up with a start. No,the examiner didn't pour a bucket over me, I actually..YUCK! slept over my own pool of saliva. Did the guy see it ? THE HECK I CARE!!

And so when got out of the hall, I saw thousands of parents waiting with hope for their children , and amidst them my Uncle. He had taken two days off from work.. for something I was cent percent sure I wasn't going to get through.

"How was it ?"

"Not bad"

I could feel the ball of guilt in my throat. I took an oath that day-" I shall never write a competitive exam. 

Of course it didn't last long. If all promises were kept ,the world would have been an honest place to live. I'm still at the game. It looks like it'll go on unto infinity...from bank tests to PSC's right down to anything I can mark as "a","b","c" or "d".



  1. I loved this one!!! May be because I could identify with this, literally!!

  2. i likd the flow of language but ur emotion might not be communicated to the correct propotion dear

  3. Hi Nithya, Had seen your post on Indiblogger..
    You write quite good.. and also u add self-made drawings depicting the situation..!:) plus some good humour.. one suggestion, you can make your blog more attractive.. put some add-ons.. :)

  4. Ha Ha Ha... I swear I will bookmark this page! Hey U r like me! That's what makes me even more surprised... same circumstances I had undergone 6 years back.... in 2005.. Oh hell! Like you I am an exam-phobic, and more specifically competitive exams. But the irony is, after my MSc in biotechnology, I am still preparing for a competitive exam!

    About your writing, its cool! Write more with such humour!

  5. Wow... This is what i can say in a word about this... <3 Really cute and funny... Love your works.... And adore your cartoons.... Keep going...

  6. LOL I love this so much....say if i evr make a movie will u be my script writer ;)